Saturday, May 16, 2009

An Introduction

Well, I guess all good blogs should start with an introduction. My name is Amy and I am wife to Alan and mother to Elisabeth, Kristen, Shelby, Logan, Lucas, Meghan, and Andrea. And yes, I do have SEVEN children. They are all mine by birth and yes, each of them has their own birth story, their own personality, and their own ambitions. When they say no 2 children are exactly the same, I completely agree!

I recently lost my job I've had for the last 4 years. Isn't the economy grand? So, here I sit trying to figure out ways to survive. My husband has always been the caregiver while I worked. With this many children, no one can afford childcare. Now, with my applying for work, hubby is also applying for work. We will see what we can come up with but as we live in a small town away from most good places to work, this could be quite the challenge. I've already placed over 200 resumes and/or applications so maybe, just maybe someone will bite. I have already been told I am over qualified 3 times now. How can anyone be overqualified to pay their bills and support their family? That's soooo stupid!

Ok, well, in all my thinking of how to survive, my thoughts have gone back to my couponing and refunding days and entering my sweepstakes I used to love to enter. I also love good deals and anything that can support my family on a very absolute minimal budget.

I have developed this blog as a avenue not only for self therapy, but also to hopefully help others to save while supporting their families! What will you find here? Well, for a start, you will find news of sweepstakes and other blogs. You will also find good deal alerts, product reviews, coupon and refund news, job search information, any updates from me whether they be a general rant or rave, news on my family and the people i know online and off, car news, personal stuff, things i found or have listed on ebay, you name it, you will find it here.

You will see that this blog is called AmysWinningWays. It will be a basic source for my ways at winning at the game of life!

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