Thursday, June 11, 2009

Happy Thursday!!

WOW!! I want to thank everyone for the follows and the wonderful comments. I really appreciate each and every one of you! And I have to say that the OLS community of sweepers is the absolutely bomb!! I've been a member since 2003 when I signed up under mumto3girls1boy. After 3 more kids, I finally changed my name to mumto5girls2boys after realizing that WOW, things have changed and so the name really needed too. OLS has great people from all areas of the country and beyond! I've found I am at home there despite not knowing 99% of the people there if I passed them on the street. Sure everyone has differing opinions but thats where it gets fun. As long as no one takes anything too personally, most anything can be a great debate!

Anyway, the whole point of the OLS pitch is I just bought my hubby a Premium "Subscription to OLS!! He's now GREEN!! He's been a member since 2007 but never really did anything with it. So, in the last few days he's downloaded Roboform and started entering sweepstakes. He never really "got" why I like the combo of Roboform and OLS but with his new greenness on the site, he's learning quickly. He's entering and entering. I LOVE IT!!

So, I am working on laundry, sweeps, laundry, sweeps, dishes, sweeps...anyone want to come do the laundry. I mean, wow, I am NEVER going to get thru all of this. I'm getting rid of stuff as quickly as I can. All those clothes that I held on to "just in case". Well, my just in case has been cut and burned and will not be needing those clothes. The baby is now 9 mths old and growing like a bad weed so I've got ALOT to donate. I've, so far, got 4 39-gallon bags of clothes to drop off and will probably have at MINIMUM 4-5 more. With a family of 9, 5 of those who are still growing out of things, you go thru alot of clothing. You buy, 2 weeks later they outgrow, 5 years later you donate HAHAHA.

So, now that I've rambled on here for a few minutes, the clothes in the dryer are done and its time to reboot the laundry so have to end this here. I'm sure I will have more things to say and I want to post a few things that caught my interest last night, such as the reason I am absolutely ecstatic that we moved, but that will have to come this evening.

Till then, Live, Laugh, Love...and WIN!!

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