Saturday, July 4, 2009

Ok, so I found myself with all this extra time on my hands and alot of experience that I really want to put to good use. I started this blog so that took care of a little time but it's not really here to be a money maker for me. I've always been the one to financially take care of my family and being without a full time job the last couple of months has pretty much been driving me crazy!! So, while checking out ways I could possibly use this blog as a revenue generator, I came across an even better idea. My blog will be used for this, that, and the other and I will post all those things I want to post, but the one site that I have come across that will keep me busy is Elance. It's a true work at home, LEGITIMATE place to find work. You go in and make proposals for different types of work that interest you. They've got Admin type work, management, computer type projects, sales, you name it, they pretty much have it. It's really great! I even upgraded my membership as to improve my chances.

Well, I just signed my first project agreement. I am going to help a psychologist with his ebook. He's also got a children's book he wants to convert to Kindle. He's got other projects in the works as well so this could be a pretty long term deal with a few hours of work a week. I also have several other people I am speaking with in regards to projects they have(including the aforementioned Percy).

I have been quite impressed with this service so far. You always here about the work at home scams but this is an actual place that you can find work at home work. Payment methods are confirmed and they do have this thing called Elance Escrow where the money is deposited and then paid out to you after the work is done and you submit an invoice. Therefore, you can assure that you get paid.

I'm not gonna make a fortune starting out and I am aware of this, but there is no reason that I can't up my rates a tad in the future after I get some good ratings. I was checking out some of the other providers and how much they are making and all I can say is WOW!!! And to be able to fill my time and make some cold hard cash in the process without the expense of having to drive somewhere or take the kids to a daycare center or anything of the sort, it definitely works for me!

If you are looking for some LEGITIMATE work, go check it out. The place is great and it's easy to bid on projects. I know you hear that all the time, but I have finally found the real thing! With a free account, you get 3 connects a month. That really isn't alot but it will get you started! You can upgrade for $9.95 a month. I just upgraded last week and have already gotten a project that will pay for that fee in the first hour or so so it is very VERY worth it!! Don't just take my word on it though. Go and check it out for yourself HERE!

If you have any questions about it, feel free to ask. I may not know the answer yet, but will definitely try to figure it out for you!

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