Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ok, I'm amused!!

So it evidently doesn't take much to amuse me today, but this was funny. I have Google Alerts set up on my gmail account. You know GOOGLE MAIL. Well, my Google alert just ended up in my spam folder. OOPS?!?! HAHA! Yeah, I know it probably wasn't funny to anyone but me, but it cracked me up!

Working on a project that pays well so will have to catch up more later. It's getting crazy around here. Right now, we have a gas leak which has to be fixed(joy) and for being Texas in the summer, I'm FREEZING!! It's 86 degrees out instead of 106 and you'd think my body would enjoy the break, but NooOOoo!! What's up with that? I even had to turn off the air conditioners in here!

Ok, will catch up with y'all later! Till then, Live Laugh, and most definitely LOVE!!

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