Monday, September 21, 2009

New Vege Lifestyle

Well, meat is now history for me! I watched a video that has pretty much turned me off forever. I mean, WOW!! Hubby doesn't understand it but he hasn't seen the video. I figure out 3 yr old vegetarian had seen it in the womb or something as if you try to put meat on his plate, he eats around it. I always thought he had issues with being picky but turns out he knew something already that I didn't.

I will be participating in VeganMOFO III next month. This will give me a chance to try out all the new recipes and whatnot that I have been wanting to try. Will have digital camera in hand to experience the joys of kids(and hubby's) faces as we remind ourselves that mom probably shouldn't be in the kitchen! lol

I will also be heading more into the Vegan rather than the Vegetarian. What they do to dairy cows and chickens is appalling and I don't want to be any part of it. I will test out a new something or another on a regular basis and give my honest, probably to opinionated opinion on it. Its my blog so if I hate it, you will definitely know it. Let's hope that is not the case.

I am still on my coffee hunt too. I tried the Starbucks DoubleShot Espresso & Cream awhile back and still haven't had a chance to update on that. Did you know that it does not have Caffeine listed as an ingredient? LOL

Ok, well, have lots of work to do today so will talk to y'all later! Till then...Live, Laugh, and Love!



  1. I'll be doing mofo too, should be fun! Good luck with the newfound vegetarianism/veganism!

  2. Exciting! What's the VeganMOFO?

    If you have any questions about veganism or vegetarianism, let me know! I've definitely learned a lot from my recent dabbling in veganism.

  3. You can find out all the details at October is the Vegan Month of Food. There is a massive list of bloggers who will be participating all month long! Come check it out!

    Oh, and thank you! I will definitely put you at the top of my "run for help" list! It's been interesting so far and hubby is enjoying my experimentation in the kitchen!

  4. Congratulations! Happy MoFo-ing.