Sunday, November 22, 2009

Vegetarian Thanksgiving and CHEESE!!!!!!!!!!!

First, my mouth is still killing me. I think I'm having a reaction to the sutures and I am not liking it. Second, WOW!! Thanksgiving is this week! Where did my November go? I mean really now! Suddenly I have absolutely no time! Well, we are having a completely Vegetarian Thanksgiving this year. A first....ever. No Turkey will be harmed just because we want to celebrate how thankful we are. I am thankful for all those Turkeys that will be spared this year because people are waking up! I'd make this a Vegan Thanksgiving, but my skills are not good enough for that yet.

Speaking of Vegan, I think I have pretty much solved the issue as far as been a cheese-a-holic. We went to this little Vegan diner in Fort Worth the other day called Spiral Diner & Bakery. We'd been meaning to go and just never made it there up till now. This was right after I had my mouth done so I needed mushy(still do unfortunately). I ordered the Tofu Scramble and the Butternut Squash soup. Great combo, huh? Man, being on an almost liquid diet, this was just what the doctor(or dentist) ordered. It was fabulous! The flavor of both was very nice on my palette and really hit the spot after eating nothing but yogurt for 2 days. I also had a strawberry banana smoothie made with Almond milk. To be honest, I was afraid of that. I know people have said they prefer Almond milk over soy, but I was skeptical. No longer am I so. I was impressed COMPLETELY! Hubby had the Philly Cheez steak sandwich made with seitan and Daiya cheez. That's where my cheese solution comes in. I asked him what kind they were using after I tried it and they said that they are now using Daiya since it is now available via wholesale to retailers such as themselves. Well, there ya go! That will be my cheez of choice. It was absolutely wonderful! I mean the texture, the flavor, it was CHEESE, just not. My cheese problem solved by Daiya! YAY!!!

So, I'm thinking I might post some Thanksgiving recipes on here this week. Share all of the goodies that I plan to make come Thursday and then take plenty of pictures on Thanksgiving day. We will see as I just signed on a couple of really great clients and I need to feed my amazon habit. We all know I don't step out the door to go shopping on Black Friday. All those awesome deals people want to kill each other for are pretty much available online! HAHAHA

Well, till later, LIVE, LAUGH, and LOVE!!


  1. i hear daiya is the only way to go with vegan cheese!

  2. After finally getting the opportunity to try it, I completely agree! Thanks for visiting!