Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Weather.com and CHEMICALS

Ok, I just read the most awful thing. I hate shoveling snow as much as the next person and it is one of the reasons I haven't moved back to Missouri like I would like to, but weather.com is just wrong. This is what they say:

What kind of person posts to go and check out CHEMICALS. They don't even specify a type. Good, bad, green? Hello!?! I mean, don't we have enough problems without saying "Hey, take the easy way out and kill us all faster!"

Now that I am sufficiently appalled and am hoping people pay attention to what "chemicals" they choose so as not to cause more damage, I'm getting back to work. Was out all day yesterday taking the day long trip to the dentist and then came home to sick kids yesterday afternoon so am playing catch up. I was just checking to see when exactly the snow might possibly be stopping. It's melting pretty quick but it's still snowing so we will see how long the melting lasts when the temp falls in a couple hours.

Talk to you all soon...till then, remember, Live, Laugh, and Love!

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  1. And, of course, google ads goes and posts de-icer ads.