Friday, April 30, 2010

Emergency Contest Winner Announcement!

Good morning all! Well, Kevin and the Cowboys lost...again. It is very VERY disappointing! At this point, I will be announcing the winner of the Emergency Contest but the Big Contest is put on hold indefinitely. I need to re-evaluate and go from there. Without the participation, all is for naught so will have to figure things out before I even attempt it.

I do appreciate you all and thank you very much for voting! Keep an eye out for future contests or an update on whether or not I choose to have "the big one".

So, now that that is covered, the winner of the Emergency Contest is Leslie! Please email me at and let me know your prize choice!

Congrats, Leslie and again, THANK YOU ALL!!

Till later, Live, Laugh(go watch the Cowboys videos), and LOVE!

The weasel abides. (don't ask lol)


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