Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mosquito Magnet

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Mosquito Magnet. All opinions are 100% mine.

You've heard the saying "Everything is bigger in Texas", well this holds particularly true for the mosquito population. I just killed one a couple days ago that when flat is more than an inch in diameter. The thing was MASSIVE! I'm keeping it where it is in my office as a reminder to other mosquitoes that if they come in here, they WILL die!!

For those more public areas(say not in the back of one's house in a corner where no one else is allowed to go, i.e. my office), there is a contraption out there that will handle the mosquito problem for you. The Mosquito Magnet attracts the mosquitoes by releasing CO2 and an attractant to draw the mosquitoes to the trap where they are sucked into a net. They can't get out so the dry up and die. No squishing, squashing or flailing about wildly involved.

With the Mosquite Magnet, you get a safe way to get rid of the little buggers. Gone are the days of West Nile virus, big itchy lumps and the sores and possible staph infection created by scratching and scratching and scratching. Sure I've perfected my scratching technique(using 2 fingers and scratch at the outside edges of the bite and then rotate) but I will gladly forget all that if I never have to scratch another mosquito bite.

Also gone are the days where people think of you as the crazy person who likes to flail around and swat at things that no one can see unless they are upclose and personal. You know what I'm talking about: arms flying, legs kicking, all while spinning around and cursing the pests. Is there any wonder little children cross the street to walk passed your house?

I've read the mosquito magnet review and have to say I have been quite surprised. I'm rarely one to "just believe" so I did my research and based on what I have read and the videos I have watched, I will say I am inclined to give this a try. I'm tired of fighting for MY blood! They did not ask to share and I definitely didn't donate to them so it really needs to stop! They are ravenous little disease spreading vampires! Be sure you check out the placement guide on the website. I know just the place that this would kick some serious mosquito tushy(no stake through the heart needed)!

Save your summer, save your blood and save your life! Go check out the testimonials yourself and tell me what your thoughts are. Do you think it works? Have you tried it out? If so, what are your experiences? I would also love to hear your mosquito swatting stories! Did you create a new dance? Get it on video? Inquiring minds want to know!

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