Monday, May 10, 2010

Honey-Do or Honey-Don't?

Well, TwitterMoms just posted a topic that I can't help but blog about: The Honey-Do list. You can find out all the information about how you can post and receive $100 in ServiceLive Bucks at TwitterMoms with a chance to win $250! My entire Honey-Do list is a big giant FAIL! Not only does it never get done, but it keeps growing!

The top 5 things that need to be done the soonest but will never get done:

1) FIX THE OUTSIDE PIPE! This past winter we had a pipe explode outside. Called out the plumber and he came and capped it off, taking the easy way out. Problem! That pipe where he cut it off not only fed that one faucet, but also the front faucet AND MY WASHER!! He refused to come out and fix the issue so it's been on my honey-do list for 4 months now. We've been running the laundry to the laundromat to wash and back home to dry! With all these kids, this is no easy feat and let me just say that we have a growing mound of clothes because it is such a pain to get away to do even one load much less the 2-3 we have daily.

2) Dig up my garden. Well, here it is MAY and nothing has been dug up except the hole in my front yard when the kids got a hold of the shovel. JOY!

3) FLEA BOMB! With Spring around here comes fleas. And we have seen more than our share of them and they really seem to like the 3 year old. She brought me like 6 of them yesterday...ON HER LEG! I sprinkled the Seven granules around the yard. Now we need to bomb the inside. I can't remember and his job is to remind me when we go somewhere to do those things that we are supposed to do. We've had the bombs for 2 weeks and there they sit on the kitchen counter.

4) Find the license plate bracket for my truck. So, evidently cops have issues with a license plate being stuck in the front window. It matches the one on the back bumper so I don't see what the problem is. Hubby got a warning a few months back about it and he made one futile attempt at finding one once but every time we get around to going up near where the junkyards are, HE FORGETS HIS TOOLS!

5) Project work! So, it’s been 3 weeks since I gave him a project that pays REALLY well. Ummm, it still isn't done. Sure it's busy work and a bit time consuming, but really, if he wants to be able to do this and that, I NEED SOME HELP!

Well, that turned into more a rant than a blog post but those are the top 5 things on my Honey-Do list. If just those 5 things up there would get done, I would be one very VERY HAPPY CAMPER!

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  1. Good Luck Amy. Enjoyed reading your honey do list. You forgot the widget button from the instructions though. You might want to fix that so you don't get disqualified. You can check out my honey do list if you are interested.

  2. Hey Jo. Thanks for the response. You have a great post on your blog! It was a fun read.

    Quick note, your link back to the discussion board has an extra period on the end so it is coming up 404.

    I also liked your post on the make your own baby food. There was always something I didn't like about the jarred stuff so that was a common occurrence around here. The one child that I used nothing but gerber is the one child that refuses to eat anything to this day. Pickiest 8 year old I have ever come across.

    And thanks for the note about the widget. I have verified and I do have it installed in the sidebar as required.

    I hope you are having an absolutely awesome day!

    Thanks for reading and responding!