Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Please vote for Andrea daily! Ends 6/27!

Parents really did a bad thing with these links this go round. Problem after problem but it appears to be fixed now. Please vote and let me know how I can RTF.

****Ok, got the link figured out. The one that they sent didn't work after awhile(evidently a lot of people are having the same problem) so here is a good link. It should come up and say Andrea & Cassidy.

Hubby entered Andrea in the Parents Photo Contest and he's just tickled pink that it was selected to participate. After last weeks seizure(her 2nd in a few months) followed by the weekends food poisoning, this would definitely be a bright spot. Not to mention I can post Andrea's pic all over the web for voting so everyone can see how precious she is. She was a mess the day this pic was taken and we'd been outside playing for awhile but she still took the time to play with her "puppy"(Cassidy who is about 10 years old now). Anyway, if you could fancy a vote, that would be great!

Thanks in advance!

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