Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pet Star: Fun Show to Watch

The Author of this post is Freddy Savage

Pet Star is a great show to watch, in order to see the many talents of today's animals. This show always inspires me to make my own puppy become a talented animal of some sort. The tricks the animals on this show can do are amazing and will make any pet owner feel grossly inadequate. I love this show and always watch it on my Satellite TV from

This show takes place on Animal Planet. It is a great show to actually watch with one's pet. However, I have noticed that my pet actually gets a bit sad that she can not do the same sorts of tricks that other puppies can do on this show. The pets on this show do everything from singing to jumping the biggest leaps anyone has ever seen. This is a crazy show to watch for those with an interest in how animals develop their talents.

Overall, I love this show for how it challenges me as a pet owner. I have actually taught my pet a few tricks after watching this show and she has learned them readily. This is a fun show to watch for the pet owner who needs a bit of motivation to bond with his or her pet and teach them new tricks. After watching this show, one will never be able to stop teaching his or her pet tricks!