Sunday, April 24, 2011

Getting the most out of my carry on luggage

Guest post written by Stacy Laughner

I'm a big believer in taking my luggage carry on when I can. I live a few states away from my parents now and that means I fly a little more often than most people do to visit their families. But these are often weekend trips, so I try my hardest to pack light so I won't have to pay to check a bag.

I'm always careful about checking the bags that I do carry and make sure that they fit the size restrictions once I have all my stuff packed in there. Right before my last trip about a week ago I was online looking up that stuff when I came across the website and after I browsed through it a little bit, I switched over my home internet service to the provider.

Normally, one of my carry on bags is a piece of rolling luggage, where I put most of my clothes and stuff like that. But I also take another bag to stow under the seat in front of me. I've found that canvas tote bags are good for that because you can stuff a lot into them easily.