Wednesday, May 20, 2009

RUN!! The In Laws are coming!! And plumbing issues!

OMG!! My inlaws are flying in to town today from Ohio and I am sooooo not ready. There was so much I wanted to get done before they arrived. With the job loss and everything, it all got put on the back burner due to lack of funding. We are still making the most of it with the limited supplies we already had.

In the last 2 days, we've been working on the bathroom. We've had a sewage leak spilling in to our backyard and we found the culprit. With the toilet leaking at the bottom, we decided to change out the wax ring. We took it all apart and did everything all the websites and ron hazelton's video told us to do. Well, we got it off to find, well, a disgusting nasty mess. The pipe that leads into the toilet had evidently leaned to one side so instead of all the crap(ewwwwwww) going down the pipe it was going right under my house!! OMG!!! Well, fixed the pipe, put a wax ring on top of it between the flange and the pipe itself, laid the flange, another wax ring(this one is thicker and reinforced), and placed the toilet back in position. So far, NO LEAKS!! YAY!!!!!!!! Getting one of our friends who does this type of thing to crawl under the house and sprinkle disinfectant. Told him to bring a hazmat suit with him. Also sprinkling it all over the yard. It should, IN THEORY, be all dried up in a couple days. If not, means there is another leak. ACK!

I already fixed the issue on the side of the house. The air vent for the plumbing was full of all sorts of nasty crap. I got out there and unplugged all that(took 3 hours) and let the water flush it out. Suddenly it all went away. It scared me silly. I was looking everywhere for where that water that was in that tube went. Ya know what? There's not supposed to be water in your air vent. LOL. I fixed it!! OMG!! We've been dealing with not being able to afford to get all our plumbing issues fixed and its been irritating me so I've been getting nosy, figuring out the problem, and fixing it myself! HAH!!!!

Now, the main project so far has been to paint the bathroom and lay tiles rather than linoleum. Whoever places linoleum should be shot!! That adhesive does NOT come off. Particularly off of particle board. We are laying the tile today before going to town to see the inlaws. They are NOT allowed in this house till the bathroom is done, at least.

My husbands running joke since I went gung ho on this bathroom is that he went to bed early and woke up to a PINK bathroom! Anyone who knows my husband would not believe he is living in a house with pink. Of course, they also never expected wife and a houseful of babies either. He's more the preppy gothic type so you can see how that would be a shocker to some. Either way, that teaches him to go to bed early and leave me with all the kids alone. HAHAHA. The walls are a lighter pink, the trim is a darker pink and we are going to paint the cabinet a more reddish pink. It really does look good in there and definitely better than that awful supposed to be white color that it started out being.

This is all a temporary fix until I find a new job and get back to the plans of gutting the bathroom completely and starting over with it. Its not set up the way we want it at all, but it is functional if not perfect. My husband and I both agree that its been an experience. One that we learned one really valuable lesson from and that is that when we go to redo the bathroom or the wax ring needs to be changed out again or whatever, we will be hiring someone to do it! If we can save $1.00 a day, then in 150 days we will have enough in the plumbing jar to pay someone else to change out the was ring on the toilet. I know that seems like alot, but what's been seen can not be unseen and I wish I had not seen(or smelled) what I saw yesterday! haha

Ok, well, thats the update for today so far. Wish me luck with the inlaws. My father in law is awesome, my mother in law, well, hubby used to get in trouble if he got soap bubbles on the driveway because those spots were lighter than the dirtier spots. I really REALLY do not want her in my house! I have 7 children, 3 of them 3 or younger. My house is NOT spotless!

Next project: Laying tile in dining room

Till next time, be frugal, be a winner and be safe!

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