Sunday, May 24, 2009

We survived!!

Ok, well, the inlaws are officially gone and back in Ohio. I am worn out and so are the kids and hubby. Heck, we went to McDonalds today and even the young ones who can't usually sit down long enough to eat found themselves playing for 10 minutes and then there they were, EATING!! Lucas, my 3 year old self proclaimed vegefruititarian at his chicken nuggets. Not just the one itsy bitsy bite of each he usually eats but all 4 of them. I was shocked. Grandparents said goodbye, mother in law cried, father in law trying not too, and the kids still sat there and OMG, they behaved! Even when the 2 separate idiots went thru the emergency exit 2 separate times and set off the alarm each time!! I was completely amazed!

Anyway, just wanted to mention that we survived! I will log on tomorrow and update on the rest of our visit and the trip to the zoo, the museum, and Leonardo Da Vinci's opening day of the Machines in Motion display. It was all really cool!

But, alas, I am tuckered out and ready for bed. I need a vacation now. Hmmm, maybe I will win one. hehe

Till later, have a great nite and, remember, Live, Laugh, and Love!

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  1. Yes, Logan got to be a cow making olive oil on one machine, Meghan got to poo all over daddy's shirt and herself, all four of the mobile kiddos got to bounce in the bounce houses, we saw some old plows and a steam tractor, there were trains and water and bubbles and reptiles and fish and the fattest guinea pig I've ever seen and some vinyl and foam ride on toys (we HAVE to make some of these for the kids), and they had like a dozen Cozy Coupes in a little town setting, Ren Faire people running amok, a storytelling time that was massive fail because Lucas and Meghan weren't heavy enough to hold the seats down to sit on them, and Meghan got to play dress up and and and tell the rest!