Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My husband is leaving me!!!

Ok, well, not permanently or anything so don't freak out there. Just for the next several weeks. He's gotten himself a job that pays pretty good for driving a rolling advertising truck for a company called Do It Outdoors. Go check out there site at http://www.doitoutdoors.com. Its really a great idea but I wish we weren't apart of it. He applied for the position half an hour away and, instead, they are kidnapping my huband to send him to God only knows where! As of 2 this afternoon we still have no idea where he is going and he should be gone for about 7 weeks or so. This is killing me like you would not believe. I don't know what I am going to do without him the next several weeks. I can handle the kids and the house(I think) but not having him here will be like having a hole in my heart. He is my best friend and the idea of him not being around makes my stomach upset and my heartbeat go nut and I feel like I'm having one big panic attack. I'm trying not to cry but I've got a major case of "I want to breakdown". I can't do it though. He's excited about it and if I told him he couldn't go he would hate me for it or resent me and I don't ever want that. I love him too much to stand in his way. It's only 7 weeks, right?

During this time, he will miss July 4th, HIS birthday, and, most importantly, he will miss the baby learning how to walk!! She's the youngest and the last and it hurts me to know that he will miss this milestone. There is a reason I never even dated anyone who travelled as I am not strong enough of a person to handle it but I guess I have no choice here, for better and worse and all that jazz. Just typing this my tongue feels like it's swelling and my heart is racing and my eyes, well, I can't see thru the tears so I'm hoping there are no typos here. I get the horrible job of having to go and drop him off and, with life as unpredicable as it is, it may be the last time I ever see him(I pray that it's not). I hate not having control over every one else's actions. Too many loonies out there. And I have a bad feeling about the whole thing, but it's probably just me being paranoid(I hope). Anyway, I will still be back on later to fill everyone in on my extra houseguests and what all is been going on but, right now, I really just don't feel like being on here. I've got to get him ready to go. I love my husband and, if this is what he wants to do, then I will stand beside him, tell him goodbye and then watch him board that plane.

I love you, Alan!

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  1. For those of you wondering, I'm flying to Vegas to pick up the truck, then driving it to Tulsa, Oklahoma. Only 350 miles from home, at least they're not trying to send me all the way across the country or anything. We did find fares to/from Tulsa for $39 each way using Southwest Airlines. So we'll be able to see each other and I will see about taking a couple days off to allow me to come home for my birthday, which will be roughly halfway through the contract. It pains me to see Amy upset this way and I can only hope that this is the ONLY time this company sends me out of market for such a long time. According to them, this is the LONGEST project they have ever contracted for, so maybe anything else from here out will only be for 2-4 weeks instead of 7-8.