Thursday, June 25, 2009

I'm MAD!!

I have gone from being upset that hubby will be away to being totally and utterly PISSED off at his audacity! Is there a reason he didn't stop to THINK about whether this was an appropriate time to being running off? And for $11 an hour?!? HELLO!?! There are jobs that pay $9-11 just 30-40 miles away that would allow me to work as well. Instead, he takes a job and the work that I have to do is not going to be able to get done! We could have done the split shift thing where he works one shift, I work the next at whatever and we both are home for a shift. With 3 kids ages 3 and under and so close together, finding child care is impossible. And we have tried and tried and tried. When asked WHY he took this job it was "In hopes that next time they would keep him in Dallas or Waco". What kind of answer is that? That answer is his new catch all for "oops, I forgot I had a family". All I've heard about all week is about how he is leaving. This is not kosher! My mother keeps doing that "you know he can be replaced" nonsense. I don't want to replace him. I love him. She is such a pain sometimes. So, I can't go rant to my mother so here I sit, mad as a hornet, realizing that my husband can't think of anyone but himself most of the time. This is a fact that I've been well aware of for a long time, but it never affected the family to this degree before. I can handle anything, well, almost evidently. I gave up a job I could have had making lots of money because it meant I would be away from the family all week long and here he goes and takes this one without so much as considering the fact that right now is NOT a good time. If I'd known it was a freaking free for all and that what was best for the family didn't matter, I'd be in St Louis right now!!! Explain to me HOW exactly did this happen? Oh, wait, I know. I had faith in a man and told him to go for it as far as applying for a job in WACO. No one said crap to me about Tulsa until he already said YES to them! What happened to this partnership? Making decisions together to benefit our family? Seems it just went to hell, that's what!!! I think from now on I will keep my big mouth shut and my feelings to myself! I am not cut out for this one sided thing at all!

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  1. I'm sorry :-( I have gone through similar things with my husband and it's frustrating beyond belief. I hope it gets better!!