Wednesday, June 10, 2009

To begin again...

Ok, so I got away from this blog for a few days. I've restyled it a bit but am still looking for a customizable 3 column template if anyone knows of a free one out there that I don't have to go and edit and all that. I'm really bad with HTML and it irritates me when it doesn't work right.

Speaking of right, be sure to check out my website for the company I'm starting. Using IE, go to This is my dream. It will take years before it is really going but for now I am subcontracting out certain things as I am allowed to. It's really kinda cool. I said use Internet Explorer as my scroll seems to have failed in Firefox. Something is wrong with the coding and I have to figure out what and that leads me back to the I'm really bad with HTML. See how things come full circle? LOL

Anyway, I will be adding more things to my blog as I come across them. I need to figure out how to add twitter on here and a million and one other things. Right now I am trying to decide what product I should choose for my first review. Could be interesting. Any ideas, let me know....

Ok, well, will be cruising the web, entering contests, blogging and tweeting today in between the 500 loads of clothes that I am working on....STILL.

Comments and followers are always appreciated!

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