Friday, July 3, 2009

Oh WOW!!

Ok, well, I am still toasty and sore so I am browsing around the internet today watching videos. Yesterday, in response to a position I applied for thru Elance, I had the amazing pleasure to speak with Percy(Perseus) Von Lipinski. He's been on CNN and he has videos all over YouTube. He is the founder of the company I applied for and he is one of those explorers of the world that I wish I could be. He has pretty much been everywhere from the drugged out streets of Vancouver where he calls home to Paris, France, to the great safari's. Watching his videos, you can hear in his voice and see on his face how much he truly loves the adventure. And watching the videos are not only fun for the viewer, but ladies, tell me this man is not simply adorable! I mean, WOW!! So cute!! I will sit here and hope he never ever EVER realizes I just put that comment here. lol

I have been watching videos and reading about him since yesterday. That voice drew me in like a moth to a flame, let me tell ya! I am absolutely fascinated. The cool part is, since I've spoken with him and the conversations have been great so now the video watching is more personal so it will help me to live vicariously thru him since I seriously doubt I ever get the chance to go see a lion up close and personal like that. Don't take any of that the wrong way people! Really! No tackiness meant! I have a thing for eyes and voices and hubby is very aware that some give me goosebumps just like those Triple Z's or whatever they are give them to him. We have this agreement that if Ewen McGregor and Brandy whatshername suddenly show up at our door we will look the other way. What exactly is the chance of that happening anyway? Really?!?

So, have I peaked your curiosity yet? Go check Percy and his videos out! Start out at Highly Entertaining TV and read thru there. It tells you a little more about him. You can find his videos on YouTube HERE. Now tell me he is not adorable and that that voice does not just grab you?!? You've been warned! hahaha

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