Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More than Half Off a Six-Month Subscription to Six O'Clock Scramble

Browsing thru the good deals and came across one that might seriously help me out in the deciding-what-is-for-dinner fiasco I suffer from daily. I thought you all might be interested as well. The website is called The Six O'Clock Scramble and offers a weekly menu(customizable even!) with a grocery list. You can see a sample menu here and be sure to look over the site. Plus, if you purchase the deal through, you get MORE THAN HALF OFF a 6mth subscription! To get the groupon deal, I need 19 more people to purchase it so keeping my fingers crossed! is a great site too so be sure to check it out!

This is a personal post. It does include my personal referral link in it for the groupon site so if you prefer to not use it, just go to and choose New York as the city and it will be listed under there. I'm in Texas and as it is a web based company, it is available to everyone. This is for TODAY AND TOMORROW ONLY though as this is only a 2 day deal. It counts down so you know exactly how much time is left! I am in no way associated with the Scramble website although I may quickly become one of it's biggest fans!

Ok, back to work. I think I spend more money than I make when I take too much time browsing around for things but I just can't help myself!

Till later, Live, Laugh, and Love, my friends!

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