Monday, March 29, 2010

Toddler Seizures and a couple ramblings

Hi all. Interesting couple of days here. How about you?

I will apologize now for the possible misspellings and/or use of bad grammar. I'm tired.

Yesterday, I had to call the ambulance. My 18 month old, Andrea, was running a bit of a temp. It was 101.5 when I took it after she had her first seizure. I've never had the ultimate displeasure to have ever witnessed one prior to yesterday and I can honestly say they are scary SOBs and I never want to see one again. She was laying their talking to me and dad and then she did this little jerky thing like someone had just stabbed her in the back and, just as quick, it stopped. She did this a couple of times in a matter of a few minutes and then they ended. She also appeared to have a headache by the look on her face and the fact that she kept grabbing her head. Again, temp was still only 101.5. She laid down for a bit and slept. Calmly. When she awoke, it was an entirely different story. She did the same jerky thing and then stared at the ceiling for a minute at which point I noticed her eyes dilating and she stopped blinking and breathing. In all my glory, I snatched her up with a "Hell No" and she started breathing again but she wasn't "all there". She was still staring into space with her eyes dilated not really moving or making a sound. I laid her down for a second as I ran around, got dressed, kicked the bathroom door in to get hubby out of the shower, slipped on a shirt in the floor and pulled several muscles and bruised myself quite well, called 9-1-1 and then proceeded to grab her and take her outside to see if I could get a response. She came back from wherever she was in her mind at that time and proceeded to lay her head on my chest. While sitting out there waiting for the ambulance, we talked about the dog and went thru her names of people she knows(her saying Shelby is the cutest). The ambulance gets there and she appears to be fine but still has that 101+ temp. Get to the hospital and it's gotten up to 103.4. We arrived via ambulance and it took them 20+ minutes before they even came in to get us to go get her vitals. I mean OMG! HELLO!?! Turns out they were too in a hurry to get rid of the whack job woman in the next room(her parting words when she left: "At least I didn't kill any doctors this time." WTH?!) to worry about a baby having seizures. Hillsboro Regional Hospital in Hillsboro, Texas is the stupidest bunch I have ever met. In fact, I really don't know many in that area that have intelligence higher than that of the common ROCK! So, they finally get the blood work, take some xrays(no mention of a CT scan or anything) and look at her ears. Per this "doctor", she has the beginnings of a double ear infection and she's teething. They give her a shot of Rocephin and a prescription for Amoxicillin and send her home. Ummm, NO?!?! She ran around last night like a crazy chicky laughing and carrying on. It was weird.

Here it is 3am and I'm watching her like a hawk. The fever is up to 104.7 but no signs of any seizure. Now explain THAT one to me! I think they are all out of their minds. Sure she doesn't get sick so we don't know how she responds to actually being sick, but something is NOT kosher here! I've got 7 kids and this is not making any sense to me at all!!

On a side note, anyone know an Elizabeth Peterson? She's on the Hellmanns mayonnaise commercial with the green onion potato salad that Bobby Flay is doing. I swear, while catching up the other night on CSI/NCIS episodes I missed last week, I saw that commercial at least 100 times(alot of time in duplicate during the ad breaks on and she never did answer the question if she was going to make it at home. I want to know what she said! Bobby Flay: "Are you going to make this at home". Elizabeth: "Mmm, that's good." That is NOT the answer that goes there. Sorry, it's been bugging me. Not sure if it's just bad editing or if she accidentally on purpose avoided the question? Inquiring minds want to know!

Next note, I'm thinking of extending the blogging contest. I haven't decided yet. Or, I may very well have another one? Maybe that is the way I should do it? I've also got other things here to put into giveaways but I would really like to wait until I have 100 followers. Another decision to make sometime today.

Ok, well, babydoll is sleeping and I have work to do. Yesterday has got to have been one of the longest days of my life and I never want to repeat that.

Off I go...till later, Live, Laugh, and LOVE!

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  1. She probably just had a febrile seizure. My friend's daughter has those each time she gets a fever. I definitely sympathize with you, though, I would never want to see that happen to my child. But, it explains why she didn't get a CT or anything else like that. (Honestly I am shocked to hear she even got Xrayed)! If there are no underlying symptoms, the doc will have no reason to do a CT. A double ear infection can mess with her little system, and probably put it on overload. I hope she gets back to feeling like herself soon!

  2. That's exactly what it was. It's the dilation of the eyes and the lack of breathing that made my heart stop. It's not an experience I ever want to go thru again and, as I don't like medicating my children, this has thrown me for a loop. I can't keep her fever down for more than an hour and the thought of it climbing and causing that to ever happen again scares the bejeezus out of me. Thank you for your response! I really do appreciate it!

  3. I can't imagine what I would do if Diego had a seizure, good for you for getting threw it like a pro, I would be a wreck.

    I came to check on the contest, seems you want to extend it :( boo, guess I have to keep visiting now.