Thursday, July 2, 2009

Update on Hubby

Well, its been officially 5 days since I have seen my husband. We've had many a discussion on him making decisions that affect all of us to such an extent as this one does. He is currently sitting in Amarillo waiting for the truck they gave him to be fixed! Tell me that is not just pure Karma there? He makes a decision to take this job, does not consult me on taking the one out of the state, and now he sits there since MONDAY not making a single sent. They put him up in a real nice motel 6 and give him a $20 a day per diem so he can eat. Otherwise, there he sits, being homesick with nothing else to do since he has no vehicle and the lead in Tulsa is MAD because he's not in his territory. Well, DUH!! Thats what happens with the people you send the truck to for maintenance screw it up! They had all the belts and whatnot replaced a couple weeks ago and since whoever did it didn't follow proper procedure, well, the alternate brackets and all that were bent all to heck. They had to order a new one but whoever ordered it first ordered the wrong parts. They reordered it yesterday and had it priority overnighted and now the pullies aren't lining up correctly(or so they think as they aren't totally positive). Hubby is supposed to be in Coffeyville, Ks. He was supposed to be there Monday. Here it is Thursday and he is still 400+ miles from there. Its to the point its not just ridiculous, but its just plain stupid. BUT, there is a bright side. Hubby will now think twice before talking to me about something like this first. He says he's feeling like crap and should have discussed it first and that he was irresponsible in taking the job to begin with. I do not disagree! HAHA. I try to protect him from having to learn things the hard way but this time, well, he's learning it the VERY hard way. Will let you know if they ever get that truck back on the road!

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